InterSystems are pleased to sponsor the Health Technology Innovation Awards 2021.

The pandemic has underlined the importance of Ireland’s health tech sector.  After a very difficult year, it is important to take a step back and reflect on the great success stories in our industry.  InterSystems is proud to help many Irish health tech businesses to extract value from healthcare data by connecting people, processes, devices and applications.

Criteria that will be considered when judging the HEALTHCARE COLLABORATION Award will include:

  • Collaboration and linkage opportunities
  • Patient benefit – with particular emphasis on patient outcomes.
  • Healthcare system benefits.
  • Functional / user-related / design innovations.
  • Evidence of use in practice where available.



Awards Nomination Form

Awards Nomination Form 2021

Award Category

Nominee Details

Please insert links to external documents where necessary.

Nominator Details

Notes on entering Health Technology Innovation Awards

Please read carefully.


  1. Awards are open to HealthTech Ireland and non-HealthTech Ireland members.
  2. Each entry must be in the name of an individual/team /company. In the case of a team, one individual must be identified to represent the team as the main contact person.
  3. All entries will be treated as confidential. Any requests for media access will be passed on to the nominees, who must decide on any appropriate access.
  4. Separate forms must be completed for each award category.
  5. Give as much information as possible on the form.
  6. Include links to external documents where necessary.
  7. The Judging Panel’s decision is final.
  8. Previous award winning entries cannot be entered a second time.
  9. Entries received online only.

Please complete the online Entry before  Friday 30th September 2021.

For more information please contact Doreen O’Reilly at



(i) You will ONLY be judged on the information submitted to us, including the quality of your nomination. Further information will only be sought if necessary.

(ii) Nominees should provide evidence of outcomes to support their nomination (if applicable).

(iii) A shortlist of 3 will apply to each category and members should have a representative available at the Awards Dinner to collect their Award.

(iv) The judging panel will consist of independent experts nominated by HealthTech Ireland.