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Irish Times Training - Building Resilience (members only event)

Breakfast Briefing 15th April 2021

Introducing Irish Times Training, HealthTech Ireland?s new training partner.


Building Resilience

Resilience is our ability to cope with and to bounce back from, the challenges, stresses and strains of everyday life. Given the year we have come through and the uncertainty yet to come, not to mention the hectic pace of the world we live in and the work we do, resilience is a key factor in personal, team and business wellbeing.

This presentation is designed to provide practical tools and techniques for managing ourselves and our energy more effectively. To build our capacity for resilience and provide ways to get back on our feet when we inevitably get knocked. These are simple techniques in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy domain that can be used in everyday situations to change our relationship with life's curve balls and enable us to not just survive but thrive.

Join Lisa Hughes, Executive Coach and Facilitator with Irish Times Training for this fascinating, it?s FREE!



About the Lisa Hughes

Lisa Hughes has worked with Irish Times Training for over 6 years delivering management development and communications skills training courses. Lisa excels in inspiring, motivating and challenging teams to ensure the highest and most effective performance in line with objectives. She understands the challenges and delights of not just surviving but thriving, in the fast-paced and constantly changing workplace of today. 



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