President Biden’s Address

Well done to everyone involved in the wonderful and historical event in Ballina for President Biden yesterday. A special thanks to Claire Cronin U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, Julianne O’Leary and all at the Embassy of the U.S.A, a valued member of HealthTech Ireland, for inviting us to be present for this auspicious occasion.

Following this historical visit from President Joe Biden, it is worth reflecting on his words to the Oireachtas – ‘And we’re going to continue to grow our enormous economic relationship as a foundation for both our nations’ prosperity. We’re going to continue to strengthen our economies, building them from the bottom up and the middle out. Yesterday and always — already Ireland draws a disproportionate amount of the foreign direct investment from the United States of America. And the same is true for Ireland’s investment into the United States of America, which is the ninth sig- — most significant investment of any nation in the world in America. You know, we share more than $1 trillion in bilateral trade and investment in 2021. More than 950 American companies — international companies — have international ca- — headquarters in Ireland, supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs. Seven hundred Irish companies located in 50 states employ more than 100,000 people in the United States of America…’
‘So today, ladies and gentlemen, as we celebrate the enduring partnership between our nations, our shared past, our present, let’s set our eyes squarely on the future.’ #Embassy of the U.S.A. #IDA #EI #HIHI #Medtech Europe #GMTA